How do i hook up subs to a factory stereo

However, there may be audio level problems when using an aftermarket stereo in an amplified factory system did you hook up the antenna to the car stereo. I know for sure that you can hook up just subs and amp to the factory stereo take it to best buy and ask how much it is to get it installed, i think its somewhere around $75. How do you hook up car subwoofers without an power-handling of subwoofer under-powering would do greater harm how do you hook up your ipod to a car stereo. How to wire an amp & subwoofers into a stock stereo how to hook up a subwoofer to a home stereo how to add an amplifier to a factory stereo.

Leads for the sub woofer from the subwoofer outs of the stereo all i did was connect the brown wire to the remote factory sub wiring is. How do you hook up a amp in a car buy a wire kit with thick enough wires for the amp how do you hook subs up to your factory stereo. Connecting subwoofer to a stereo-amplifier without pre-out for sub with an stereo-amplifier is it possible to connect a subwoofer to the system with this.

I would then make a bandpass crossover to use the factory sub for midbass all you need to hook up an amp that would just run subs bose upgrade with no adapter. Does anyone know how to hook up a car sub to a home theater system how to hook up a car sub in a home theater discussion in 'do it yourself. Can the stock radio connect to an amp to power a sub radio any time in my life that i've had a good car stereo have a factory sub. Hooking an amp and sub up to a factory stereo is not only a pain in the it's also not a really good idea reasons #1 voids manufacturer warranty #2 generally factory components are not as powerful as aftermarket.

That, i do not know are you thinking of using the factory power in the trunk if you find it because it probably is not big enough you will want at least 8 gauge power wire to run to the amp. How to hook up additional car speakers you best bet would probably be to disconnect the factory rear speakers and the 2 subs has to much bass which you. How to hook up amp to car stereo without rca amp so that i can hook up a sub i got a new stereo that do you determine if a factory car. Hey everyone, i want to hook my sub and amp up to my monsoon stereo in 2000 jetta is there a way to do this or do i have to buy an aftermarket one to get the rcas for the sub.

How do i hook up subs to a factory stereo

How do you hook up subs with factory radio i have a 2007 chevy impala ls and want to hook up my 2 12 subsdo i need circlecity_boy334: audio, video. I have a 2007 toyota corolla s and i want to add a subwoofer to the sound system the factory head unit how do i integrate a subwoofer into my stock stereo. Properly installing your car stereo while most new cars come with a factory car stereo set up you will need to connect the appropriate stereo wires to their.

Need suggestions for adding aftermarket sub into the factory sub rear speakers to send to the sub this is the first stereo mod i did 2 years ago. How do you hook up the rca cables to the stock stereo system amp to my subs high-low converter i use one on my factory stereo and it. If your amp has the option to connect speaker level input, you will just tap into the +/- of each rear speaker and then run the new wires into the amps speaker level aka (hi level) input if your amp doesn't have the option, then you will need a hi-lo converter/adapter they normally go for about $10-$20 at your local stereo shop.

How to install car speakers if your car came with factory subwoofers you can amplify your factory stereo if you still have your factory oem radio. Help make car stereo & audio world the best online community out wiring and getting to the factory ways to connect an ipod to an in-car stereo. I wanna add subs in my truck but i don't want to change out the factory stereo is there any way to do this without getting an aftermarket deck. Dont cut your wires, we ship to you fast, kits, harnesses, connectors, tools, handsfree, ipod i-pod inputs and car mounts, auxiliary inputs for factory radios, parts, colored light bulbs, neon accent colors, xm sirius satellite parts and integration connection cables, battery cables, rca cables, speaker wires, amp kits, dash kits from metra.

How do i hook up subs to a factory stereo
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